Artist Tyagi Schwartz specializes in repurposing objects into functional sculpture art. Each piece is dog tagged noting the location it was discovered, date it was transformed, and title. All designs by the artist under DOG TAG DESIGNS.


“He pulled the pieces apart and created this amazing rolling bar table. You could see it in front of a Ralph Lauren store, it was so chic and fabulous!” -Lara Spencer, Flea Market Flip


 "Akin to art installation pieces, these lamps are delightfully Dali-esque." -



Tyagi on the set of Flea Market Flip.


—"I ground my sculptures in functionality to allow the viewer to enjoy the whimsy without fear"


—"Everything has a history and a story to tell. I needed a way to give provenance to my sculptures and dog tags were the perfect answer to forever mark my work"


—" I never try to reinvent the wheel—I just turn the wheel into a sculpture lamp, and let it roll!"

—"I like to laugh. I try to see humor in everything. A lot of my sculptures are tongue-in-cheek and I like it    that way!"

                                                                                                                                   — Artist Tyagi Schwartz



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