O Positive Fest 2013

A Light Watering is a 80' outdoor lamp installation I made for the 2013 O Positive Festival in Kingston NY. The hose has reeled itself out to water the plants surrounding it.  It uses a vintage watering can instead of it's own spout. The importance of light is what inspired me to make this sculpture. Watering is an essential part of a plant's growth but without light, watering does nothing, leaving a plant incomplete in it's ability to grow.



A 50 foot lamp to welcome people to the BKLYN Designs Expo 2013.

The idea behind this functional sculpture was to create a feeling of connection between the show and Brooklyn Designers.

The clock represents the continuation of time. The light in the phone receiver highlights the clock and the cord flows

across the wall to form BKLYN, a home to many talented designers. 

At the end of the lamp, the phone base illuminates the word DESIGNS, which was pasted on a wood board to create a weathered "street" feel. Brooklyn designers will remain throughout time.

Thanks to The Auster Agency and The Brooklyn Chamber Of Commerce.